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  • of the greatest musicians I’ve known in my life, he's mixing the spirit of “Rock & Roll” with the “Son Montuno”.

    Juan de Marcos González – Buena Vista Social Club
  • Fine arts & handcrafted music! If you never had the opportunity to watch him play, then you simply just should.

  • The combination of different rhythms and elements makes LABANA a new and unique sound!

    Dany "LABANA" Martinez


AlbumsLatest Releases

  • 1150x430 BUCKS ALBUM
    Bucks Number of tracks : 1
    1150x430 BUCKS ALBUM

    Album Name: Bucks

    Composer: Various

    Release Date: 1995/08/01

    Genre: Pop / Rock


    Coming soon...


    1. Vote 4 Me! – INTRO…

  • 1150x430 WHITE ALBUM
    White! Number of tracks : 13
    1150x430 WHITE ALBUM

    Album Name: White!

    Composer: Dany "LABANA" Martinez

    Release Date: 2009/09/22

    Genre: Latin Rock


    1. My Lady 00:03:39

    2. Amorrr 00:00:40

    3. White! 00:00:40

    4. The Same! 00:00:37

    5. LABANA E LABANA 00:00:37

    6. Bailalo Mulata 00:00:40

    7. Hip Hop Star 00:00:34

    8. Mi Negra-Yambu 00:00:40

    9. No me Llames+ 00:00:39

    10. Vote 4 Me! 00:00:39

    11. Warriors 00:00:40

    12. Palo é! 00:00:39

    13. She like my eyes 00:00:39

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  • DanyLABANA350X450


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Dany "LABANA" MartinezNick Name: LABANABirth Date: 1972/10/10Place Of Birth: Havana - CUBAOccupation: Guitar, MD, Vocals.

    Best Known For

    The art of live performance.


    Born in Havana - CUBA. From a very poor family. Studied music for eight years.

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